Fitz And The Tantrums – HandClap // Song Recommendations

For those of you that follow Popfection (possibly and probably zero) you’ll realise that we’ve been slacking for the past two weeks. We have our reasons – One’s going through a breakup, another’s going through his exams, then getting swamped with hours of jetlag, and the third one.. well nothing happened to him, he’s actually kept this whole blog going and wrote stuff for the past two weeks. But anyways, it’s summer holiday, new amazing music is coming, and we are back as well. We’re also seeing a fourth person joining the Popfection team at some point, so that’ll be amazing. But for now, this song.

Fitz and the Tantrums is an actual band with 6 people, led by lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick and female singer Noelle Scaggs, the one sitting on the floor on the image above like a boss. They’re from America, and they’ve been around making indie music since 2006, and just released their self-titled third album in 2016. Look at Queen Beyonce, setting trends with her self-titled fifth release.

HandClap sounds like one of those songs that you listen to just because of its fun title, doesn’t it? Like “Bacon”, or “Cake By The Ocean”, maybe having a good song title is an art of attracting listeners. But this song is miles better than the two mentioned, and it’s really really fun. It’s high-energy pop-rock with some trumpets and, HandClaps. The groovy verses and trumpets make up for that slightly disappointing chorus, and those groans from the female singer towards the end that sounds like a female weightlifter accidentally went in the studio. But overall, a good track and an energetic one for the summer. Don’t bother listening to their “self-titled” though.

  • urbanov

    I hope you remember when I mentioned this song in a poll for Song of The Summer 2016 on FOTP! It’s a nice bop!