Tove Lo, the Swedish chanteuse, dropped her debut album “Queen Of The Clouds” the 24th of September two years ago. This pop record entered in the Top 80 of 15 countries around the world, so I hope it is worth reviewing!!

The album is divided into three sections (Sex, Love and Pain), each containing around 4 songs. I’ll review the album in sections too!

The SEX. This area is full of up-tempo bright pop songs with vibrant percussions. In the first three songs I noticed that she uses mostly drums and very soft pads or synths along with her voice, creating a playful environment for the song to flow. All the lyrics fit on the sex theme in here and are quite well crafted. Timebomb, one of the highlights of the album, is a fast-paced track that builds up during the verse and pre-chorus to then explode like a bomb in the chorus. I like how the lyrics and the song itself are interrelated and make sense.

The LOVE. After the explosion of confetti that was Timebomb, we end up in Moments and the whole love section… The intro of the latter converts all the energy from the former into a more intimate sound, she uses big cinematic drums in here. By now we can guess that her characteristic sound involves prominent percussion and a few more instruments. The Way That I Am should be placed later in the tracklist in my opinion, right before the pain section because it sounds like a bitter ballad and it’s a bit odd to jump from that to the infectious pop song that is Got Love, which along with Not On Drugs should be placed right after Timebomb. Not On Drugs is one of the best songs in this record, a track that grows on you quickly and ends up being one of the most played tunes in the record! During this section Tove sings with a more “dramatic” voice, which helps in setting the right environment.

The PAIN. This is the darkest section of the album, yet it has a few odd moments too. Thousand Miles and Habits (Stay High) are the best songs by far in the album. I personally love the lyrics from the latter and I feel identified with the hopeless message of losing someone and having to carry on. The rest of the songs are just fillers, but these two make the section worthy. Run On Love and Love Ballad sound a bit off since the music is “too happy” to fit the theme, but they are ok songs.


Queen Of The Clouds. Overall, the whole album is well crafted and has a pretty clear production and sound (drums everywhere and forgetting to add instruments to support the music). I enjoyed it and have already listened to the whole thing a couple of times, so I guess it’s a pretty structured and effective pop record, specially for a debut album. Tove Lo looks like a promising act, but she needs something more, something that makes her stand out of the crowd of average pop female singers. Let’s see what she delivers with her sophomore! Until then, keep reading!!


(7.8 / 10)