So here we go! Rihanna just released “Sledgehammer“, the soundtrack for some no one cares movie StarTrek’s latest installment “Beyoncé“! But we’re not here to talk about the movie, we’re here for Rihanna.

I haven’t seen the writing credits yet… but I’m sure Sia wrote it… I mean, there are points where her “Unforgettable” voice is evident. I find the song a bit too “shouty” at some points, and the dubstep drums don’t help either.


The song starts off with a filtered cinematic grand piano playing chords a la “Skyfall“. Soon the song builds up and explodes, destroying the listener’s eardrums, with Sia’s her cracked voice. I personally hope, for the well-being of her fans, that she won’t sing this on her tour. The whole structure is the one of the typical Sia ballads, nothing interesting, with the typical Sia metaphor (Sledgehammer)…

Overall, I’m quite disappointed because I expected a bit more from Rihanna after the flawless series of songs she has been released since… emm…. “Pon De Replay“?