The first time I heard of the name of Broods is from Bridges back in 2014, the whispery electro-pop track, moderate hit in NZ that was stuck in my head for days. A bit of background info – Broods is a duo of two siblings from New Zealand, and – wait for it – co-wrote Royals! Yeah, the Lorde smash-hit. However, their debut self-titled EP and album was, frankly, disappointing, as every song was that whispery chilled feeling, and there’s simply too many of these artists out there. Oh Wonder, Wet, lots of others that I can’t think of right now… With Conscious, finally stood out of them.

In Conscious, Broods evolved further into electronic territory, slowly leaving the whispery chilled feeling behind, and into something more solid and emotional. The main focus here isn’t the lyrics, which I never cared much about in any music to be honest, but the sleek and great production ideas, thanks to Caleb Nott, the brother producing and writing for Georgia Nott’s beautiful, wispy voice. Every song is packed with cool ideas, and I love that. The album starts off with lead single Free, where to me is a great transition from Evergreen (their debut) to right now. Two months into its release it still sounds great, the aaaah’s are still fun and catchy, I absolutely love this song.

At 13 songs and 48 minutes, when the album reaches its highlights, it is some brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping stuff, putting Free miles away from them to be honest. One of this is Freak Of Nature, featuring none other than Tove Lo. This somber song is emotionally packed and powerful, it’s distinctively alternative, and once the second chorus dropped with the back drums I literally gasped. Just such a beautiful song. While checking the lyrics on Genius, I saw one reviewer says this song “fails to succeed at the soaring, emotional heights to which it aims”. To that, I say have some goddamn taste, readers and editors of Popfection know better!

*ahem* Sorry got a bit carried away. Other highlights include Recovery, another somber mid-tempo song that carries a great catchy chorus. Heartlines is a song co-written by Lorde, which instantly makes it amazing, but more originality would be even better. The pre-chorus, and in fact the majority of the song sounds very inspired from Team.

The duo returns to some moody, slow-tempo roots in Worth The Fight and Bedroom Door, which is a bit of a mood-killer, considering the three bangers that preceded it (Recovery, Couldn’t Believe, Full Blown Love). Fortunately, they ended with a great bang, as title track Conscious is a suspenseful, dark track that could end up on a Snow White and The Huntsman soundtrack. The distorted effect at the pre-chorus and choral effects add suspension, which is very cool to hear.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the album. I still can’t comprehend how amazing some tracks in here are, and of course there were some pee breaks [code word for boring moments :)], but they can be overlooked easily. As a sophomore, they’ve developed this electro-pop direction that they could go on, or returning back to their roots and go whispery and… boring. But that’ll be something exciting to find out on their third album, the established fact is that Broods is officially in the game.



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