According to Pitchfork: Adele’s 25 is coming to Spotify and Apple Music, starting June 24. It’s more than seven months and she finally decided to do that. Do you think, because of those popular services (let’s say it loud: streaming nowadays helps A LOT with “increasing sales” on charts), is 25 going to chart high once more? I mean, it still slays on iTunes, but will it be on top of BB Hot 200? Just look at other exclusive like (I mean the real ones, not something for two days like Anti)1989 was available for streaming after eight months and that’s why it stayed for a year in Top 10. Wait, is that me throwing shade at Rihanna like she was never good at promoting and then selling her albums? At least she has those 14 #1’s.

If yes, is Beyonc√© going to do the same with Lemonade? Streaming game is strong. Why she’s not promoting her stuff like other artists do? Will we ever see Queen B slaying sales once again?

I really wish that era of CDs/vinyls will come back one day. Do you remember this feeling of buying every album in a physical copy on a CD, vinyl (does anyone remember cassettes? – these were really cool on a Walkman, but rewinding them was a mess when you didn’t have pencil, pen or crayon around) and being curious how is it going to sound cause you didn’t know about it anything?

So many questions in my thoughts, but don’t be shy. Share your own that came to your mind while reading my own!