So here we go with yet another review! This time I’ll go for an EP that was released this Friday, I see Alvin completely SNUBBED Eric Saade in his New Music Friday article. Let’s get to it… He is a Swedish Justin Bieber-esque singer who is most known from his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, ending up 3rd. He has always been doing electro-pop and stuff like that but now we can see a progress, Eric copied shamelessly the tactic used by Justin Bieber’s team and has evolved into a more alternative? indie artisté? innovative? sound, but far more pleasant for our ears than that garbage released by the former!

Well, probably to not loose his pre-teen fans, he is evolving into his adult form slowly, and this EP is a part of this progression!

Saade – EP” starts off with a very atmospheric deep house song called “How Do You Like Me Now?“, nothing really special except for the modern production and very pleasant sound… I’m pretty sure the previously unreleased tracks were all written and recorded the same day since they all sound a bit uninspired. The song slays after the 2:28 mark… a bit too late for me and the general public to be honest. 5/10

Wide Awake” is the second single released from this “era”, it is a bit too repetitive but it is quite good. It is an Arabic-influenced pop song, I like the idea of ditching the faux tropical sound that everybody is going for lately and embracing his Arabic roots… but it isn’t the best he could do, I mean… the chorus is just… meh. 7/10

Colors” (first single) is a pretty good and solid pop song, I actually like the production and melodies in here, specially the gated pads and plucks, which recreate a pretty fun and laid-back atmosphere that outshines the “darkness” throughout the album. The lyrics though…. 9/10

Now, this is the highlight in here! “Darkest Hour” is probably his most mature song both sonically and lyrically. It is a drum-less slow classical guitar driven ballad that features a very nice and melancholic harmonica at the end, the chord progression and melodies overall sound suspiciously similar to “A Million Years Ago” by Adele. The lyrics talk about a broken relationship from what I could understand, not really deep, but at this point we don’t care no more about deep lyrics… 10/10 

Heart of a Lion” intro blends perfectly with “Darkest Hour“, you will think they are the same song until the drums appear. It is an 80’s inpired mid-tempo that is just average, not a stand-out at all… Chances are that it is from the same session as “How Do You Like Me Now?“. 5/10

Saade – EP” is a kind of well crafted introductory EP to his new sound. It sounds good and promising, which is the actual target that Eric Saade is setting here; evolving into a new persona. It is a bit odd that the best track is the one that is the most different from what we’ve heard from Justin Bieber him so far, so that might be a good signal. What will happen with his upcoming album? We’ll see, ’til then:


(6.7 / 10)

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