New Music Friday // 24 June 2016

This week’s best new releases incluuuude…. frequent readers, guess what’s on the top spot.
  • Troye Sivan’s WILD remix with Alessia Godra remains spectacular.
  • You know what else is spectacular? Broods’ new album “Conscious”. Listen to the whole thing.
  • Marian Hill released an album today. That’s the duo (yep) that made that swaggy “Got It” tune, it’s all over Vine for quite a while. If you have no idea who they are start with that song, then move on to this album. I haven’t listened to it, but given the amazingness of their EP the album should be quite amazing as well.
  • Shura releases another great promotional single.
  • Matoma (who?) released a tropical summer thing with Becky Hill (the Oliver Heldens ‘Gecko’ girl) and it’s a meh. But that’s the best tropical house summer can get.
  • um what else. Oh yeah LANY, which has been on the tumblr side of the Internet for a while, released their third EP.


Not really a huge week huh? Can’t even fill up the 10 spots on the playlist. Oh well, we’ll fill it up with Broods’ album. Tune in next week again for the newest Popfections!