Jon Bellion is another artist I have discovered recently, the other day I talked you about another indie act, and today I will review this fairly unknown singer-songwriter. But what if I told you that he is the mastermind behind the chorus of “The Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna? Or that he co-wrote and produced “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo? Anyways, he’s probably best known for his track with ZEDD; “Beautiful Now“.

He has released several mixtapes since 2011, but yet, this is his debut album. Will he disappoint me?

This guy has a really interesting sound that I personally find fresh and somehow innovative but conservative at the same time, halfway between pop, indie and EDM. In some tracks, he uses syncopated drums, and it works unexpectedly well!

The album starts with a beep that reminds me of old record tapes… The same beep can be heard at the very end of the album, wrapping up the whole record in a simple yet creative way.

The Human Condition has everything, from club-ready anthems (such as All Time Low) to quite traditional ballads (such as Fashion). But don’t think that this is a conventional album! It is very varied and easy to listen to, there aren’t any fillers at all and every song is special and unique itself. Morning In America is easily one of the best songs in there, the ooh’s in the post-chorus are flawless and incredibly catchy. iRobot is quite an unusual lost-love ballad, featuring a few synths and prominent drums, where Jon sings an odd melody on the pre-chorus that breaks completely with the atmosphere built up, but makes the whole song more original. Hand of God‘s outro is THE highlight in here! It beats any other outro in any other album EVER! Jon manages to make a mashup of all the choruses on the album featuring a massive choir and an epic orchestra. It is very pleasing to hear how well all the melodies blend together!

This album is probably one of the best albums released so far this year, and could make it to the Top 100 of the best albums of the recent years. Innovative, fresh and personal are the best words to describe how AWESOME this record is. Definitely worth checking out!!!

(9.9 / 10)