New Music Friday // 17 June

A big welcome to yet another week of Popfection’s New Music Friday, where we compile the best music releases, along with some fresh finds, into a big playlist for your entertainment. Last week was a total banger-fest of tunes, this week with no big albums releasing expectations are low. But still feel free to check out the NMF for last week here.

  • After In Common destroyed every single chart in existence and blew up and smashed the entire universe, Alicia Keys is back with Hallelujah. No, it’s not a cover. Thank God it’s not. Um it’s amazing. As they usually are.
  • Bastille is back, with an actual song! Good Grief it’s good.
  • Remember ROSES? The Chainsmokers song Featuring ROZES? She’s going solo now, with her first song out since the global smash. It’s a little electro-pop anthem called Hangin’ On, and we’re predicting this as the next summer smash.
  • SOME DISCOVERIES WE MUST SHARE: Maggie Rogers is a American college student that blew Pharrell’s mind at a masterclass with her song Alaska. She’s released it in full now and god it’s magnificent. You can watch the Pharrell thing here, and trust me it’ll make your day. Seramic is a electronic chill music group, who just had an EP out. Can’t wait already to hear more from them.
  • LANY released a thing that further solidifies their amazingness.
  • We clicked on a track by Jarryd James after seeing Broods being featured, because anything with Broods in it is great. We clicked on Thomston‘s new song after seeing Thomston being in it, because anything with him in it is great.
  • The only big or semi-big release we have this week is an EP from Disclosure(!). It’s very decent, but we’re still trying to see the point of releasing it.
  • I was shuffling the Spotify NMF playlist for material and this tune called Arigato (French for “I’m sorry”) came on. Julie Bergan‘s the genius that wrote it, and she’s actually a pretty big name over at Norwegian-Sweden land. Zara Larsson 2.0? Yes please.
  • Passenger and ZHU are both back with their equally great song, in respective genres of course.
  • twenty one pilots disappoint with their Suicide Squad tune.
  • So a friend of ours reached out to us, saying that he has a single out! Look at us amateurs already getting advertising proposals. This cool guy with bleached hair’s called Callum Crighton, and he has a little song called “Coins”, which is a piece of cute alternative pop. Without expensive studio resources, and the fact that he’s written and produced on his own, this is a very nice track. And that chromatic phrase where Callum sings “Feels like you’re in the Garden of Eden” was very distinctive. Do check it out!


Spotify playlist below, with every song worth listening this week ranked from best to worst. But let’s be real nobody’s gonna pay attention to anything today other than the new season of Orange Is The New Black. On that note, I’m on leave until further notice.

p.s. Of course I know Arigato isn’t French for I’m Sorry. It’s Japanese for “Excuse me”. Just because I’m skipping class writing this blog up doesn’t mean I’m dumb.